ACT Fibernet Rajahmundry Plans 2020 – Price, Speed, Online Login, Offers, Usage


ACT Fibernet Rajahmundry Plans 2020: Are you check the ACT Fibernet Rajahmundry Plans in the year 2020. We are provided the complete details about Act Fibernet Connection Plans in Rajahmundry city. ACT Broadband connection is newly named as ACT Fibernet. ACT Fibernet brings the latest and most advanced Fiber optic technology to your home. So, you can check the Monthly Charges & Speed, Connection Plans, Prices, Discounts, and Offers details are completely given in the below table. In this type ACT Fibernet Broadband Connection Plans are used in Home/Office Purpose also and it can provide the fastest internet connection. Advanced Fiber optics is future-ready and can handle speeds 1000 Mbps and above.

ACT Fibernet Rajahmundry Plans – Price, Speed, Usage Limit, Online Login, Discounts, Offers

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Act Fibernet Rajahmundry Plans 2020 – Monthly Charges & Speed

The following are the Broadband Connection Plans of ACT Broadband in Rajahmundry city as of 2020.

Act Plans Rajahmundry 2020:

Connection Plan Speed Charges Description
ACT Basic 10 Mbps ₹424/Month 100 GB Data with 10 Mbps, thereafter Unlimited with speed up to 512 Kbps
ACT SOHO Force 100 Mbps ₹2999/Month 1000 GB Data with 100 Mbps, thereafter Unlimited with speed up to 2 Mbps
ACT SOHO Incredible 125 Mbps ₹3999/Month 1250 GB Data with 125 Mbps, thereafter Unlimited with speed up to 2 Mbps
ACT Silver 20 Mbps ₹549/Month 200 GB Data with 20 Mbps, thereafter Unlimited with speed up to 512 kbps
ACT Gold 40 Mbps ₹699/Month 300 GB Data with 40 Mbps, thereafter Unlimited with speed up to 512 kbps
ACT Diamond 60 Mbps ₹999/Month 400 GB Data with 60 Mbps, thereafter Unlimited with speed up to 512 kbps
ACT SOHO Lightning 80 Mbps ₹1999/Month 800 GB Data with 80 Mbps, thereafter Unlimited with speed up to 2 Mbps
ACT Platinum 80 Mbps ₹1499/Month 600 GB Data with 80 Mbps, thereafter Unlimited with speed up to 512 kbps
Note: All prices are excluding taxes. You have to pay 18% GST.

Click the below button to get ACT Fibernet New Connection for your Home/Office in Rajahmundry

New Connection

ACT Broadband Login Online to check your Account Usage

Act Fibernet Login Online: We have been using the ACT Fibernet Plans connection for nearly two years. As of now, connection speeds which we get is pretty decent enough. The only issue with ACT is that it forces customers to their web-based portal every day for log-in into their network. Fortunately, there is a workaround for bypassing this web-based login by automatic login through the Wifi router with PPPoE configuration.

If you have ACT Fibernet/Broadband Connection, firstly login Online to the ACT Fibernet Online Website By using this link login and enter your mobile number and next click on the Generate OTP button. You can log in to that particular mobile number OTP also.

Login Online

How to Configure the ACT Fibernet 

Login ACT Fibernet with Wifi Router PPPoE configuration:

In our case, we are using a D-Link wireless router. If you’re using a different make router like Belkin or Cisco, please check for similar settings. The following are the step by step procedure given below:

  • Firstly log out of our ACT Account. This is important and PPPoe settings will not work without completely logging off your account.
  • Next, completely log off your account, switch off your wifi & directly connect the ACT LAN cable to your laptop/Desktop. Go to by using this link first log in and then logout from your account.
  • Now switch on your wifi (don’t connect ACT cable). Login to your wifi router configuration page.

How to Online Recharge ACT Internet Connection  – Rajahmundry

1. Fast and Easy Payment for ACT Broadband Via Mobikvik

Mobikvik is one of the Services offered by the users to clear their Act Broadband Online bill payment. The Act Broadband Payment can be made in easy steps by using this app as well as the web service by Mobikvik. Act Broadband Online payment Convenient to customers, time-saving and effortless. Once you select the Act Broadband as the service provider in the broadband section, you just need to enter the bill amount and pay within seconds using our wallet.

For recharging your wallet, you can use credit cards/debit cards/net banking, whichever is convenient for you. The user interface and design of our app, as well as the website, are kept very simple for your added convenience. Our app is available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms

2.Secure Act Broadband Payment Online

MobiKwik provides a broad range of services for online mobile recharge and bill payments while adhering to the highest levels of encryption and security. Hence, you do not need to worry about the safety of your transaction. Even if there is an error while carrying out the transaction of Act bill payment online, the amount is safely refunded to your wallet. You can Recharge the monthly plan through the Paytm, Phone Pay, Google Pay Apps.

You can also use the mobile wallet to make transactions across different stores across India. You can also buy online through MobiKwik on the multiple websites which accept our wallet as a payment option. Apart from broadband bills, you can also pay other utility bills for landline, electricity, water, gas, etc. using our portal or app.

3. Act Broadband Bill Payment Offers

While you go to a shop for Act broadband bill payment, you might not come across all the offers currently made available by the service provider. At MobiKwik, you can just browse through all the offers of Act broadband just with a single click. You can also earn additional coupons and cashback from our side while doing the broadband bill payment. In case of any issues, the users can contact Act broadband customer care.

By making the payment on the platform, the users can avail cashback and offer coupons for restaurants and movie tickets cashback. The plans and offers are custom designed keeping into consideration all your needs and requirements. To check all the offers available currently, you can log on to our offers page and select the best ones that excite you. We promise to make your Act bill payment a rewarding experience like no other.

FAQs related to ACT Fibernet Rajahmundry

1. What’s the ACT Fibernet New Connection Charges?

Answer: The number of new connections that are present available in ACT Fibernet in Rajahmundry City. We are clearly mentioned in the above table in the article.

2. Is ACT broadband good in Rajahmundry?

Answer: Though they also respond very poorly at least once in a while, they pick up your call and therefore help you in resolving the issue. Apart from these things, the ACT was good. Even the ACT Broadband recently has launched some new plans for the home users in Rajahmundry which gives with a speed like 80Mbps.

3. How to downgrade the package in ACT Fibernet?

Answer: Call Act Customer Care at +91-9121212121 or +91-7288999999

Tell them that you want to downgrade to the A-Max 410 plan and they will do the needful.

But do remember to call them before the new month starts and the new plan will come in to effect from 1st of the month. Better to call 3/4 days before the new month.

Between downgrade, the option is not available via online or thru App. So, call CC

4. How to check my ACT broadband usage?

Answer: visit

  • and click on my account located at the top right side.
  • then you will get left side one menu option – my usage

Note: The above site only works from ACT connection.

ACT Broadband Rajahmundry Review


  1. Very high speed – I currently have a 50MBPS connection and I love it. (both upload and Download)
  2. Very low Ping – Useful if you are a gamer.
  3. Very less downtime(In a whole of 8 months, I’ve had a total of 2 days of downtime and maybe another 3-4 hours collectively in these 8 months).
  4. Believe it or not, they Reset my FUP to 0 and gave me another free 75GB of usage when the Indian Cricket team was on WC Finals. Celebrations I guess.


  1. Very very long waiting time when you are calling their CX service.
  2. I took them a total of 13 days to switch my connection from Koramangala to Marathahalli.

Download ACT Fibernet App

ACT Fibernet App is available now. Get it now

Google play Apple

ACT Broadband Rajahmundry Customer Care

The following are the ACT Fibernet Customer Care in Rajahmundry City

PHONE NUMBER – +919121212121, +917288999999


TIMING – 24 X 7

In this article, we have provided the overall details regarding the ACT Fibernet Rajahmundry 2020 Plans. If you have any queries about Monthly Charges & Speed, Connection Plans, Prices contact via comment section. Don’t forget to share this article with our friends and get the latest offer plans.

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