Airtel USSD Codes List – Talktime / SMS / 2G,3G,4G Data Balance Check


Airtel USSD Codes List 2018 has been provided here to check balance / data / SMS / loan and other cashback offers. Airtel Network USSD Codes are mainly used to Check Airtel Talktime Balance or 3G/4G Data Balance or SMS Balance. We’ve given the list of Airtel USSD Codes. You can use them to know own Airtel mobile number check, Airtel Internet Balance Check, Airtel SMS Balance Check and other Airtel Services. Airtel changes the USSD Codes frequently and they add / remove some USSD Codes. So to get updated list of Airtel Mobile Codes, keep follow this page or you can bookmark this page. You can also check your Balance through Airtel Mobile App.

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What is Airtel USSD Codes ?

Have you ever been used certain numbers on your Airtel network that starts with * (Star) and ends with # (hash) to check Airtel data balance, talktime balance or SMS balance ? That codes known as Airtel USSD Codes. USSD Code is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), referred to as “Short Codes” or “Feature codes” or “Quick Codes”, is a protocol used by cellular network to communicate with the service provider’s computers.

Airtel USSD Codes List 2018 – Talktime/SMS/Data Balance Check

Following list is the most commonly used Airtel USSD Codes. Press following codes on your Airtel mobile to check balance.

Find USSD Short Code
Airtel Balance & Validity Check *123#
Find Airtel SIM Phone Number *282#
Airtel 3G / 4G Data Balance Check Code *121*2# OR Dial *121# and Enter 2  and Proceed
Airtel SMS Balance Check *121*7# then proceed to SMS

Other Important Airtel Codes

  • SMS PORT to 1909 – To Mobile Number Portability
  • SMS START to 121 – To Start Service
  • SMS STOP to 121 – To Stop Service
  • SMS UNB to 121 – To Check Unbilled Amount
  • SMS OT to 121 – To Outstanding Amount
  • *123*2# or *555#- To SMS Balance
  • 1909 – To DND
  • *141*10# or 52141 – To Airtel Loan
  • *121# – To My Airtel, My Offer
  • *121*4# – To Value Added Services
  • *121*7# – To Last 5 Transactions
  • SMS BP to 121 – To Current Bill (For Postpaid Customer)
  • SMS BILL to 121 – To Bill summary (For Postpaid Customer)
  • SMS PAY to 121 – To Last 3 bill payment (For Postpaid Customer)

List of all Airtel Short Codes – Latest working USSD Codes

Functions USSD Code (Short Code)
Airtel Customer Care Number 121
Airtel Complaint Number 198
Airtel Balance Check *123#
Check for Free 2G Data Balance *123*10# or *123*#
Check for 3G Data Balance *123*11#
Check for Airtel 4G Balance *121*8#
Airtel Night Data Balance *123*197#
Check for  Local SMS Balance *123*2# or *555#
DND Activation/Deactivation 1909
Airtel Loan Number *141*10# or 52141
My Airtel, My Offer *121#
Airtel Value Added Services *121*4#
To Check Last 5 Transactions and also Value Added Services. *121*7#
Check for Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance *123*1#
Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance *123*6#
Check for Free Local, STD SMS Balance *123*7#
Check for Free STD Minutes Balance *123*8#
Airtel Talk time Gift Service [Share or Ask Talk time ] *141#
Airtel 3g activation USSD code SMS 3G to 121
Special 5 Offers *222#
Airtel Live Services *321#
Free Facebook Access [Rs. 1 per day ] *325#
Twitter Service *515#
Airtel Special Offers and Rewards *566#
GPRS(Activation/Deactivation) *567#
Hello Tunes Menu *678#
Missed Call Alert *888#
Local National SMS Packs *777#
Know Your own Airtel number *282#
Airtel loan code *141*10#
Mobile number portability SMS PORT to 1909
Start any service SMS START to 121
Stop any service SMS STOP to 121
Check 2G/3G balance SMS Data USE to 121
Check unbilled amount SMS UNB to 121
Outstanding amount SMS OT to 121
Current bill plan SMS BP to 121
Bill summary SMS BILL to 121
Last 3 bill payment details SMS PAY to 121
Contests 543217

How to know Airtel SIM Phone Number

Following USSD code can be used to know your own Airtel SIM number. Press *282# to find out your Airtel phone number.

USSD Detail USSD Short Code
Check Airtel phone number *282# OR *121*1# OR *121*9# OR *121*2# OR *121*51#

Airtel Postpaid SIM USSD Short Codes

USSD Detail Short Code
Start any service on Airtel START To 121
Stop any service on Airtel STOP To 121
Check Airtel Postpaid Due amount ”OT”  To 121
Check Airtel Postpaid Current usage ”UNB” To 121
Check Airtel Postpaid Bill Payments ”PMT” To 121
Check Airtel Postpaid Bill Summary ”BILL” To 121
Check Airtel Postpaid Current bill plan ”BP” To 121
Check Airtel Postpaid Stop e-bill STOP EBILL To 121
Check Address of nearest Airtel Relationship Centre ARC< Pincode> To 121
Airtel Activate 3G 3G To 121
Airtel Activate 4G 4G To 121
Airtel Full Talktime offers Check MRP FULLTT To 51619

How to check Airtel Balance through Airtel Mobile App

Without using/remembering Airtel USSD Codes, you can also check Airtel Balance by using another method. That another way to check balance is My Airtel App. The App is available on both Android and iOS. You can download the app through their respective App Stores.

Following are the steps to check Airtel Balance through My Airtel App 

Step 1 : Download My Airtel App [Android] & [iOS]

Step 2 : Register with your Airtel Number

Step 3 : You will get OTP to your Airtel Number

Step 4: Verify your phone number by entering OTP

Step 5 : Login to My Airtel App

Step 6 : Tap on “My Account” Now you can check talktime / SMS / 3G, 4G Data Balance and other Airtel Services.


  • Airtel Toll-Free Number: 198
  • Customer Care No: 121

Share Airtel USSD Codes 2018 updated list to other Airtel customers who are searching for “How to Check Airtel Balance Check”,”How to Check Airtel Internet Balance”, “How to Check Airtel SMS Balance” or anything about Airtel. We’ve provided Airtel USSD Codes / Short Codes to easily find out Talktime Balance, SMS Balance, 3G / 4G Data Balance of any Airtel mobile number.

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