Idea USSD Codes List – Talktime / SMS / 2G,3G,4G Data Balance Check


Idea USSD Codes List 2018 has been provided here to check balance / data / SMS / loan and other cashback offers. Idea Network USSD Codes are mainly used to Check Idea Talktime Balance or 3G/4G Data Balance or SMS Balance. We’ve given the list of Idea USSD Codes. You can use them to know own Idea mobile number check, Idea Internet Balance Check, Idea SMS Balance Check and other Idea Services. Idea changes the USSD Codes frequently and they add / remove some USSD Codes. So to get updated list of Idea Mobile Codes, keep follow this page or you can bookmark this page. You can also check your Balance through Idea Mobile App.

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What is Idea USSD Codes ?

Have you ever been used certain numbers on your Idea network that starts with * (Star) and ends with # (hash) to check Idea data balance, talktime balance or SMS balance ? That codes known as Idea USSD Codes. USSD Code is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), referred to as “Short Codes” or “Feature codes” or “Quick Codes”, is a protocol used by cellular network to communicate with the service provider’s computers.

Idea USSD Codes List 2018 – Talktime/SMS/Data Balance Check

Following list is the most commonly used Idea USSD Codes. Press following codes on your Idea mobile to check balance.

Find USSD Short Code
Idea Balance & Validity Check *121#
Find Idea SIM Phone Number *131*1#
Idea 3G / 4G Data Balance Check Code *125*5#
Idea SMS Balance Check *161*1#

Other Important Idea Codes

  • *121# – Idea Balance Check Code
  • *130*Recharge code# – Idea Recharge Code
  • *456# or *457# – Idea Account balance
  • SMS 3GTV to 54777 – Idea Live TV service
  • *125*5# – Idea Net Balance Check Code
  • *369#  –  Idea Local Minute Pack
  • *161*1# – Idea SMS Balance
  • *567* – Idea Balance Transfer
  • *369# – Idea Pack
  • *567# – Idea Price
  • 12345 – Idea Customer Care Number
  • 155223 – VAS Deactivation
  • 1925 – Idea 4G Activation Code
  • ACT 3G to 12345 – Idea 3g activation used code
  • *123# – Idea Value Added Service
  • *456# – Idea 30 Rs Pack
  • FRESH to 4666 – Idea GPRS Activation
  • *129# – Idea Dialer Tone

List of all Idea Short Codes – Latest working USSD Codes

Function USSD Codes (Short Code)
Idea Main Menu  *121*4#
Balance Check  *131*3#
Idea Last 5 SMS  *121*4*1*2#
Data Usage Info  *121*4*1*3#
Idea 3G Internet Detail  *121*4*3*1#
Idea 2G Internet Detail  *121*4*3*2#
Idea Store  *121*4*5#
Idea DND Service  *121*4*6*5#
Idea Roaming Charges  *121*4*7*1#
Idea International Roaming Packs  *121*4*7*6#
Idea Full Talktime Recharge  *121*4*8*1#
Idea Local Recharge  *121*4*8*2#
Recharge Offer  *121#
Last 3 Recharge *121*4*1*5#
Idea Talktime Loan  *150*10#
Internet Loan  Send a message “ICREDIT” to 144
Check Own Number  *131*1#
Idea Number check  *121*4*1*4#
Internet Offer  *122#
Last 5 Calls *121*4*1*1#
Active VAS  155223
Idea STD Recharge  *121*4*8*3#

How to know Idea SIM Phone Number

Following USSD code can be used to know your own Idea SIM number. Press *131*1# to find out your Idea phone number.

USSD Detail USSD Short Code
Check Idea phone number *131*1# , *111*2#, *1#

Idea Postpaid SIM USSD Short Codes

Idea My Balance/ Number Check Code (Idea Balance Check) *130# or *121#  or *131*1#
Idea Last 3 Activities Check Code
Idea Last 3 Calls And SMS Check Code
Idea Last 7 Calls Check Code *147*1*1#
Idea Last 3 Recharges Check Code  *147*1*2#
Idea My plan Information Check Code *147*1*3#
Idea Last charges Check Code *147*1*4#
Idea MOB Service Check Code *147*2*1#
Idea GET SIM Check Code *147*2*2#
Idea ACT STATUS Check code *147*2*3#
Idea Last 3 Recharge Check Code *147*2*4#
Idea Last Adjustment Check Code *147*2*5#
Idea Get Circle Code A to Z Check Code *147*3#
Idea VAS and DT Service Check Code *121*4*4#
Idea Festive Days Check Code *121*4*6*1#
Idea PUK Code Check Code *121*4*6*3#
Idea BAR Service Check Code *121*4*6*5#
Idea DND Service activation or Deactivation Check Code *121*4*6*6#
Idea Roaming Charge Check Code *121*4*7*1#
Idea Roaming Plan Check Code *121*4*7#
Idea USSD Code for Activate and Deactivate Services.
Idea USSD Code to activate cellular GPRS SMS “FRESH” to 4666
Idea USSD Code to activate service for idea live TV SMS 3GTV to 54777
Idea USSD Code to Activate idea night, SMS packs, local packs *369#
Idea USSD Code to check Best Offer (Idea Balance Check) *121*21#
Idea USSD Code to Deactivate 3G Internet Balance (Idea Balance Check) SMS “DEACTIVATE3G” to 12345
Idea USSD Code to Activate 3G Internet Balance (Idea Balance Check) SMS “ACT3G” to 12345
Idea USSD Code to activate call waiting services *43#
Idea USSD code to deactivate call waiting for services *44#
USSD code to Transfer balance to another mobile number in IDEA *567*< Receiver Number > <space> <amount>#
Idea Find Own Mobile Number Code  *131*1#

How to check Idea Balance through Idea Mobile App

Without using/remembering Idea USSD Codes, you can also check Idea Balance by using another method. That another way to check balance is My Idea App. The App is available on both Android and iOS. You can download the app through their respective App Stores.

Following are the steps to check Idea Balance through My Idea App 

Step 1 : Download My Idea App [Android] & [iOS]

Step 2 : Register with your Idea Number

Step 3 : You will get OTP to your Idea Number

Step 4: Verify your phone number by entering OTP

Step 5 : Login to My Idea App

Step 6 : Tap on “My Account” Now you can check talktime / SMS / 3G, 4G Data Balance and other Idea Services.


  • Idea Toll-Free Number: 098910 12345
  • Customer Care No: 12345

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